Duct cleaning

What Is Duct Cleaning?

A properly functioning HVAC system is responsible for airflow within a building providing comfortable and temperature-regulated air circulation. The air ducts provide conditioned air to the entire building, if even small amounts of contaminants are present, they can filter into the overall airflow.

Poor indoor air quality can directly affect a family's health. The EPA warns that exposure to inadequate indoor air quality can cause immediate discomfort and that extended periods of breathing indoor air pollution can also cause long-term effects or chronic illnesses. Links between respiratory diseases and allergies and living in homes with poor air quality are prevalent.

Homeowners and businesses alike benefit from routine duct cleaning. A properly maintained, cleaned, disinfected, and sealed HVAC system will improve the indoor air quality, system efficiency and life of the HVAC equipment. Our duct cleaning professionals are NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) certified.

Restore Now's proven duct cleaning service is detailed and provides better indoor air quality. Restore Now of Central Florida has years of experience handling HVAC duct cleaning services and provides the best resources for successful HVAC Duct cleaning in Orlando, Daytona, New Smyrna Beach, Kissimmee, Tampa, Palm Bay, St. Petersburg, and surrounding areas. Our NADCA certified professional technicians have the skills and knowledge to disinfect your air ducts efficiently. Why choose us? We do it right! Our technicians mechanically clean, apply disinfecting fog, and liquid duct liner in accordance with NADCA standards. The service typically takes 4 hours with 2 technicians per unit to properly clean the HVAC system.

Restore Now is focused on providing a solution for a long-lasting indoor air quality benefit. Our system will remove dust, dander, fungi, bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, and allergens from your HVAC duct system.

Selecting a licensed and insured professional to properly clean and disinfect your HVAC system can be overwhelming.

Call Restore Now's for a stress-free consultation. Our expert staff are often able to provide a cost for the service over the phone with some basic information about your HVAC system:

  • How many air handler need cleaning?
  • How many vents? (Supply and returns)
  • Approximate ceiling height
  • Location of the air handler(s)

Duct cleaning benefits

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduces dust accumulation
  • Prolongs the life of the system
  • Helps to prevent equipment from breaking down
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduces dust accumulation
  • Prolongs the life of the system
  • Helps to prevent equipment failure
  • Saves energy

24-Hour Service

We understand that emergencies wait for no one, and our team is ready to help you get back to normal.

Licensed & Insured

Restore Now is properly licensed as Certified Building Contractor and Mold Remediator in the state of Florida. We also hold all the proper insurances to give you the reassurance you need to know that you are working with a reputable, reliable and knowledgeable contractor.


Restore Now is a proven leader in the residential restoration industry. Whether your home has suffered the unplanned devastation of a natural disaster such as wind or storm damage or from unwanted water from a plumbing leak or flood, our team of IICRC professionals can help you return to normalcy.


If your business has suffered damage related to storms, wind, vandalism, break-in, water leak, roof leak, or mold, you will need a licensed, insured, and IICRC certified commercial restoration contractor with experienced technicians and project managers. Our entire team understands how important it is to get back to business!

Experienced with insurance claims

Experienced with insurance claims

We can help you navigate the sometimes complicated property insurance claims and communicate clearly to your adjuster to ensure they understand exactly what is needed to return you home or office to a pre loss condition.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

We are committed to being the leading restoration company in the region and promise competitive prices, professional service, and a great experience.



We love what we do, and it shows. Over 20 years of service nationwide, helping people solve their property restoration needs quickly and professionally.

Serviced areas

Restore Now services the entire Central Florida region. Areas include, but are not limited to, Orlando, Lake Nona, Tampa, Kissimmee, Seminole County, Orange County, Brevard County, Ocala, Ocoee, Winter Haven, Winter Garden, Windemere, Baldwin Park, Winter Park, and more. Our Emergency Response team assists with national emergencies across the United States.

Licenses and Certifications

CBC 1264734
MRSR 2738

IICRC Certified Lead safe NADCA Core Member